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Videocasting is one of the most effective marketing methods available to businesses and entertainers today. We have the best podcast equipment available, and you can even bring your own equipment for your next videocast!

Professional Podcast and Videocasting Studio In Waterville, Maine

Podcasts and videocasts are rapidly gaining popularity as the most effective approach to sell your service, product, or business. We offer a dedicated Podcast and Videocast space with a professional environment at A Shared Studio in Waterville, Maine. Whether you’re recording a podcast for an internet radio station or conducting an interview for a professional Youtube video, A Shared Studio is the best podcast studio in Waterville Maine.

We offer hourly and monthly pricing and have all the capacity you require. Whether you require studio space or editing and production, our friendly engineering staff is here to keep you on track and out of the weeds. 

Common Types Of Podcasts


Since the dawn of human history, people have been creating and retelling stories. The listener is transported to a world of your own making when you use this approach. As a result of this world-creation, this style tends to be heavily focused on pre and post production



Among podcasts, interviews are by far the most prevalent form (and the easiest). Doing an interview style podcase is one of the quickest way to become an authority in your industry bydrawing upon other experts knowledge and experiences.


Magazine Style

A bit of this and a bit of that, like glancing through a magazine. A combination of solo and interview work, as well as narrative storytelling can help you explore a broad topic. For podcasts with a lot of information to cover, this is a terrific method.


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