It’s possible to have up to four people in one of our professional podcast studios. We provide  the latest in broadcast-quality equipment that is simple to operate. It’s ideal for interviews, zoom calls, and combining phone calls, music, and sound effects.

Podcast Recording

  • There are microphones for up to four individuals, headphones and a laptop connection in the sound-treated area.
  • Setup, mic checks, and recording assistance from an experienced sound engineer.
  • A single audio file per recording can have its intro and outro added, as well as polishing and sound enhancement.
  • In the next 24 hours, you’ll have your mp3.
  • Virtual communication using Skype or cell phone with individuals outside of the studio.

Podcast Production

  • All podcast recording features plus:
  • Engineer+ service offers you with a sound engineer who focuses solely on your performance.
  • Producer offers creative direction and podcast consultation, including concept and format advice.
  • Includes precise sound augmentation, edits, introduction and conclusion blending, and more.
  • Design of branding and cover art.
  • In search of a Production package? Visit OUR Production Site HERE for additional details.

Voice Over Services

  • Our voice-over artists can record your podcast intros and outros. This is a great way to go about it if you want to give your podcast a professional sound!
  • Setup with an editing computer and two recording mics; our editing bay/voice-over room allows you to remain comfortable during long periods.
  • Receive help from a sound engineer throughout setup and recording.
  • Add advanced editing for an audio file that is production-ready.

Live Streaming & Video Recording

  • Stream your podcast recording live on Facebook or YouTube with our high-resolution camera and professional audio sound will allow you to broadcast your podcast live.
  • Record your podcast with a single HD camera or numerous cameras for various perspectives.
  • Utilize our premium video recording service with a four-person setup, three cameras, and a dedicated engineer in our podcasting studio.

Mobile Podcast Studio

Need to record in the go? We bring our professional recording equipment and sound professionals to your business, speaking engagement, or live recording session.

There are currently no home recordings accessible, only public spaces. To request a traveling recording, kindly email

Digital Reproductions

Are you not located in Waterville, Maine, or are you planning on recording at your home studio? No problem! Our Virtual recordings utilize video and audio tools to connect you and your guest from around the globe. A sound engineer will link all participants, record the session using our DAW system, polish and process the file, and deliver it within 24 hours.

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Create podcasts of the highest quality using the best professional audio equipment and studio space available in Waterville Maine.