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  • Editing Bay


    The Editing Bay at A Shared Studios is only one of the several services that help to make our studio a professional hub for all Creators. Reserving our Editing Bay by the hour ensures an easy post-production process! Our Editing Bay is fully equipped with the Adobe Suite, as well as a comprehensive array of equipment and accessories shown below. Now is the time to book by booking your time slot on the calendar. (Available at both member and non-member rates.)

  • Photography & Video Studio


    You’ll have everything you need to in our high-quality photography and video studio. We provide a Godox strobe light with various attachments, RGB ambient lighting, and other various lighting equipment that can be used in this private studio for photography and videography, respectively. Additionally, there is the option to add any color backdrop to this room. This area also includes a changing room. Bookings must be made a minimum of two hours in advance.

  • Podcast Studio

    From: $50.00

    Our Podcast Studio is equipped with Rode’s industry-standard audio equipment and now features complete video capabilities! This studio is equipped with the Rodepodcater Pro with 4 Rode Procaster Microphones that allow for recording clean, crisp audio by up to four guests. All equipment provided as part of your podcast booking is simple to operate and requires little to no setup (even for first-time podcasters). Please read the equipment details below for a complete list of all equipment included with your rental.