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A Shared Studio in Waterville Maine is a holistic marketing agency devoted to serving the needs of local businesses. Customers benefit from A Shared Studio’s full video and podcast production services, as well as its marketing services.

About Us

We Are Professional Recording Studio For Podcast Broadcast & Publishing

We’ve built our studios with 20 years of broadcast experience in mind, so that everyone can get the sound they deserve. Your podcast will have the same quality sound as the nation’s most popular radio station.

What Our Services Provides

Podcast Studio

Recording room and equipment, with microphones and headphones for up to four people.

Photography Studio

Start promomoting video in your buisness. We help you with shooting commercies, livestreams, and more..


We have several afforable membership packages for individuals, business, and by the hour.

The Maine Bricklin

Start creating buzz about your business by featuring your local business on our show & on our bricklin.
Waterville Maine Podcast Studio Rentals

All of the Podcast Services You'll Need

Whatever your level of podcasting experience, A Shared Studios can help you find a “podcast studio near me” that offers a wide range of podcasting services. Streaming video, podcast cover art, video editing, and professional voice-over services for podcast intros are all included in this service.

Book Your Podcast Studio Today!

Create podcasts of the highest quality using the best professional audio equipment and studio space available in Waterville Maine.

Studio 1 - Podcasting

Start From $50/hr

Our Podcast Studio is equipped with Rode’s industry-standard audio equipment and now features complete video capabilities! This studio is equipped with the Rodepodcater Pro with 4 Rode Procaster Microphones that allow for recording clean, crisp audio by up to four guests.

Studio 2 - Photography

Start From $50/hr

You’ll have everything you need to in our high-quality photography and video studio. We provide a Godox strobe light with various attachments, RGB ambient lighting, and other various lighting equipment that can be used in this private studio for photography and videography, respectively. 

Studio 3 - Editing Bay

Start From $50/hr

The Editing Bay at A Shared Studios is only one of the several services that help to make our studio a professional hub for all Creators. Reserving our Editing Bay by the hour ensures an easy post-production process! Our Editing Bay is fully equipped with the Adobe Suite and other equipment.