About Us

A Createive Workspace For Content Creators

A shared studio is a workspace for modern content creatives. Co-working areas and private offices are available in our workspace, but what truly sets it different is the inclusion of several photographic, video, and podcast studios. For companies, content creators, agencies, and influencers, our all-in-one facility is a godsend because hiring inside a professional studio can be time-consuming and expensive.

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Create podcasts of the highest quality using the best professional audio equipment and studio space available in Waterville Maine.

We Are Professional Recording Studio For Podcast Broadcast & Publishing

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned podcaster, A Shared Studio has a solution for you. These studios are built to the same standards as commercial broadcasting studios, thanks to our 20 years of broadcasting experience. 

Rental podcast studios by the hour aren’t the only service we provide; we also edit, host training, provide voice-overs for intros, and stream live video.

Our goal was to make it so that even the most inexperienced podcasters could walk in, start their show right away, and sound as professional as the country’s largest corporations.